Centre9 is a dedicated to ancient knowledge of vastu shastra and astrology. It takes the ancient knowledge and applies to everyday products of our lives. We have created all these products with more than 21 years of experience, the effect of these products are proven scientifically by aura analysis.

We have created everyday use products to keep in mind an use of them in our daily lives. These products are copyrighted. Every product consists of Yantra and supporting mantra with idol to give you the maximum benefit. Everyday, we forget about most of the basic things and due to recent modern lifestyles we are facing problems in our vastu and in our life. We have simply tried to provide you very simple solutions to get rid of those daily life problems by creating these products.

Every product has its own meaning and objective. All our product idea revolves around Gayatri mantra and we have created all these products by keeping gayatri mantra in mind.  We have tried to create most of the products according to our research, if you have any suggestions or product idea, we would love to hear it from you.